Qualifications Table
ProjectName Client Year Atmospheric Chemistry Dashboard Monitoring and Network services Statistical Analysis QA QC Training
Custom Data Export Oliver Wyman 2023 x
EPA Annual Monitoring Network Plan Dashboard EPA 2023 x x x x
Lewiston Clarkston Valley Aldehydes Analysis Nez Perce Tribe 2022 x x x
AQEarth Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) template TDEnviro 2022 x x x x
LoveMyAir Spatial Interpolation Dashboard City and County of Denver 2022 x x x x
WarehouseCITY Robert Redford Conservancy 2022 x x x
Environmental Data Visualization Course Pitzer College 2022 x x x x
Ross Creek Particulate Matter Speciation Report Fort Air Partnership 2022 x x x
Mobile Monitoring Literature Review Summary TDEnviro 2021 x
Predicting next-day CO2 emissions by region in the US EPA 2021 x x
Health Effects Institute QA audit Report HEI 2021 x
EPA QA dashboards - PM2.5 FRM, criteria gases, NCore EPA 2021 x x x x
Assessment of Near-road Air Toxics in the Globeville/Denver Community City and County of Denver 2020 x x x x x
Influence of Roadway Emissions on Near-road PM2.5 WA DOT 2020 x
Modeled and measured near-road PM2.5 concentrations: Indianapolis and Providence case studies WA DOT 2020 x x
Assessment of ambient air toxics and wood smoke pollution in Sacramento Sacramento Metro AQMD 2020 x x x x
VOC data validation for Hong Kong Hong Kong UST 2020 x x x x
Review of Christchurch, NZ PM source apportionment analyses Environment Canterbury 2019 x x
Measuring spatial and temporal PM2.5 variations in Sacramento using a network of low-cost sensors Sacramento Metro AQMD 2019 x x
Ambient near-road mobile source air toxics concentrations in the US TX DOT 2019 x x x
Evaluation of near-road air pollutation at EJ and non-EJ communities in Detroit Michigan Air Quality Division 2019 x
Statistics with R EPA 2019 x x x
National Air Toxics Assessment remote background concentration estimates EPA 2018 x x
Using machine learning to identify anomalies in hourly CEMS data from 2010-2016 EPA 2018 x x x
Baseline air quality monitoring at the Big Cypress Seminole Indian reservation Seminole Tribe of Florida 2018 x
Sunshine Canyon VOC and carbonyl monitoring report City of Los Angeles 2017 x x x x
Air Toxics data analysis using R Wisconsin DNR 2017 x x x
New Zealand PM Positive Matrix Factorization Analysis Environment Canterbury 2016 x x x
Emissions modeling with MOVES and EMFAC to assess transportation project PM hot spots WA DOT 2016 x x
Effects of roadside barriers on near-road pollutant concentrations WA DOT 2016
Air quality data analysis using R Traing Delaware DNR 2016 x x x
AER Peace River Network Plan Alberta Energy Regulator 2015 x x
Influence of oil and gas field operations on atmospheric NMHCs and their effect on ozone formation in winter University of Wyoming 2015 x x
Low concentration precision and bias evaluation EPA 2015 x x
Assessment of ambient air monitoirng in the Oil Sands area of Alberta Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting Agency 2015 x x
Baldwin Hills Air Quality Study County of Los Angeles 2015 x x x
Toxic air pollutants risk assessment for Metro Vancouver Metro Vancouver 2015 x x
QA Guidance document for the Joint Oil Sands Monitoring Program Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting Agency 2014 x x
Changes in air quality at near-roadway schools after a freeway expansion in Las Vegas, NV NV DOT 2014 x x
Scotford2 Monitoring Station Relocation Fort Air Partnership 2013 x x
Edmonton Regional Network Review Alberta Environment and Parks 2013 x x
Source apportionment of VOCs in Edmonton, AB Alberta Environment and Parks 2013 x x
High-resolution MODIS aerosol retrieval during wildfire events in California for exposure assessment USC 2013 x x
Filtration effectiveness of HVAC systems at near-road schools NV DOT 2013 x
Alberta airshed and regional network assessments (CRAZ, FAP, PAZA, WCAS, Edmonton, ACAA, regions) Alberta Environment and Parks 2013 x x
Measuring spatial variability in ozone concentrations using a small sensor network San Joaquin Valley UAPCD 2013 x x x
Evaluation of Fort Air Partnership Monitoring Program Fort Air Partnership 2012 x x
Air toxics data analysis training course EPA 2012 x x
Receptor modeling of pollutant concentrations in Athabasca Oil Sands Alberta Environment and Parks 2011 x
Community-scale air toxics ambient monitoring review EPA 2011
How to create a successful air toxics monitoring project EPA 2011 x x
Characterization of chronic risk and hazard of HAPs in the US using ambient monitoring data EPA 2009 x x
Lewiston area air toxics data analysis for Nez Perce Tribe Nez Perce Tribe 2009 x
Network assessment for the national Photochemical assessment monitoring stations (PAMS) program EPA 2008 x x
Temporal variability of selected air toxics in the US EPA 2007 x x
Ambient air monitoring network assessment guidance document EPA 2007 x x x
Analysis of ambient air quality after Hurricane Katrina EPA 2007 x x
Southeastern air toxics data analysis SESARM/METRO4 2007 x
Processes influencing secondary aerosol formation in the San Joaquin Valley during winter CARB 2006 x
Particulate Matter strategic vision for transportation related research FHWA 2006 x
Wintertime vertical variations in PM and precursor concentrations in the San Joaquin Valley CARB 2006 x x
Transport and dispersion during wintertime PM episodes in the San Joaquin Valley CARB 2006 x
Background concentrations of 18 air toxics for North America LADCO 2006 x x